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A Merlin fandom resource community
Welcome to the scrying_bowl!

This community is focused on helping those involved in the Merlin fandom with the process of writing and posting fic. Here we encourage members to share resources, ask questions, discuss fandom mythology, debate over canon and recruit betas in a friendly and secure environment. Though the community is currently a little barren, we eventually hope to include: character profiles, episode scripts, plot outlines, setting details and timelines. However, pooling resources together can be a time-consuming task so your patience will be appreciated until these features surface.

If you are looking for/to be a beta then create a seperate post using the forms below, located under the community rules, and fill in your relevant details.

Community rules:
♦ Remember, this community is dedicated to the Merlin fandom only (unless you want an opinion on a crossover with said fandom).
♦ Spoilers and lengthy posts are to be put under an lj cut.
♦ Please do not post completed fics here; there are communities already created for that purpose.
♦ Tag your posts appropriately!
♦ No hassling betas.
♦ If linking to another's LJ then please ensure you have permission to do so.
♦ Don't reproduce copyrighted works, e.g. no scanning in whole books!
♦ Treat other members with respect. ♥
♦ No trolling, flaming, purposefully stirring up a heated discussion, fisticuffs, spitting, etc otherwise the persecutor shall be immediately banned.

Information regarding betas

Anyone can beta as experience is certainly not a requisite here. So please do consider joining the community to help out some fellow Merlin fans. And receive help in return, naturally.

How to fill out the forms:

Name: asdfghjkl
Story title: If it has one.
Length: Drabble/One-shot/Multi-part etc. Please do include a word count, whether exact or just an estimate.
Pairing(s): If applicable, of course.
Genre(s): Gen/Het/Slash/AU/Adventure/Thriller/Dark/Angst/Parody/Humour/BDSM/Fluff etc
Rating: G/PG/R/NC-17 etc
Summary: Keep it concise but please do include one. Even if it is as simple as 'they drink and have sex' or just 'they have sex' because your potential beta will want to know.
Additional Info: Anything that doesn't fit into the above which you believe is relevant.
Contact info: How your beta should contact you to offer their services.

Name: lkjhgfdsa
Genres willing to beta: Gen/Het/Slash/AU/Adventure/Thriller/Dark/Angst/Parody/Humour/BDSM/Fluff etc
Genres unwilling to beta: As above.
Pairings willing to beta: Self-explanatory
Pairings unwilling to beta: Self-explanatory, too.
Ratings: The highest rating you're willing to beta. Also, the lowest if you really don't want to see anything other than 'adult' heading your way.
Length: The preferred length of fic you would like to receive to beta. If you only wish to beta drabbles, for example, then state that here.
Beta strengths: Here is where you've gotta sell yourself, baby!
Beta weaknesses: E.g. Brit-picking, characterisation, mediaeval courting rituals. Of course, if you're perfect... Blankety blank. ;)
Additional info: Anything that doesn't belong in the above. An example: you'd rather no one contacted you between the hours of three and four on every other Tuesday when the moon is full and Venus in is line with Jupiter...
Contact info: Finally, how you would prefer to be contacted.




Any queries or complaints should be directed to lackadaisydilly@gmail.com and I shall endeavour to address them asap.